Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?

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My 10 Best FREE Survey Panels!

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Are paid online surveys scams? This is one of the first questions and concerns of everyone who is looking to find free paid surveys.

The most definitive clue to a survey or survey company being a scam is, do they ask you to pay to join. Don't ever pay to join or take a survey!

Marketing companies need and value the opinions and feedback from people completing their surveys, participating in focus groups and other opinion related activities.

It is essential to their marketing plans and future marketing efforts to secure update opinions and information. Your opinion is needed and highly valued. Taking Surveys Are Fun and Rewarding We have other great sites listed which are also FREE. Many of the panels not only offer surveys, but other ways of making money.

Some of the panels are global, some only for USA and/or Canada. Many offer more than just surveys... BUT regardless, they are all FREE! You don't have to worry and ask yourself, "Are paid online surveys scams" with any of these sites.

We invite you to start with our 10 Best Panels.

Please take note of the many panels that are members of the Better Business Bureau or other Trust bureaus.


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American Consumer Opinion has been around since 1997. It does not send alot of surveys when compared to other panels, however, when they do send surveys, they are well worthwhile

Some of their sruveys paid as high as $50. Their payout threshold is low at $10. You will love having this panel in your list. After joining this panel, your answer to the question, "Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?", will definitely be NO!





Vindale Research not only offers surveys, but is also know for giving away loads of free stuff.

They pay at the top level with survey payments ranging as high as $75. Compare that to the high level offered by other panels.

Their product testing program is excellent. You get to try to product, at the end of the testing period, get paid for testing and get to keep the product. How great is that?

When you join, it is important that you complete your profile and update it whenever needed. You are paid $5 for joining and another $2 for completing your profile. You also need to make sure your referrals complete their profiles. You get another $2 when they do. Vindale is overlooked, but is one panel you want to definitely have on your list. It is a premier panel which will assure you do not have to worry with this panel when you ask, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?





Opinion Outpost has also been around for long time and is one of the most trusted survey panels. You get points for every survey you take, 10 points =$1.00. All points can be converted to cash.

In addition to points, surveys can include prizes and sweepstakes. Lots of fun surveys.

Unlike other panels, Opinion Outpost does not fill your inbox with emails. You should check their website at least once a week to see what surveys are availabe.

Completely filling in your profile is very important since Opinion Outpost has special versions of their surveys for men, african americans and asians. Don't miss out on these special surveys if you fall into one of those groups. Add this panel and you are another step closer to answering "No" to "Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?"





Minds Pay has surveys that pay up to $75. You can also participate in product reviews and keep the products if you like. They have many types of surveys you can choose to take and earn varying amounts depending on the particular survey.

During the sign-up process, be sure and indicate how often you want to receive survey email invitations. All payouts are made thru PayPal and are in $50 increments.

Mind Pays' referral program pays you 20% of your referrals life time earnings. Whenever your referral request a payout, say $100, $20 immediately goes into your account. You are paid each and every time they request a payout. What do you think now, how would you answer about this panel, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?





My View sends lots of email invitations, but you don't have to wait for an invitation. Simply login into your account and you will see the surveys available. You may be asked a few qualifying questions to start. Once qualified, you complete the survey. You can finish one survey and immediately qualify to take another.

When you get an email invitation, be sure to click the link included in the email to begin.

Your points total is shown on the page immediately after you login. You get points even if you don't qualify for the offered survey. Points build quickly. What is your answer for this panel, are paid online surveys scams?

PayPal Rewards




My Survey and Lightspeed have merged and now operate as My Survey. With My Survey, the more surveys you take, the more surveys they'll send to you. I seems the longer you take surveys with them, the higher the payout. When you have tried this panel, you will know, without a doubt, the answer for this panel to the question, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams is "No."

The points are converted at 1,150 points =$10 cash value. You can earn up to 1,500 points for completing a survey, 1,000 points for referrals, and 150 points for joining. You must have accumulated 1,000 points or more before you can redeem them.





Toluna USA was originally Greenfield Surveys. They have been offering surveys since the 1990's. Toluna USA is headquartered in Dallas, TX with global headquaters located in Paris, France.

They offer lots of surveys and mini-surveys. You earn points even if you don't qualify for a particular survey.

Your points can be converted to cash and paid out with a check.

You also have opportunity to participate in a $4,500 monthly drawing. Additionally, their payout for referrals is $2.00 per referral. Most of the survey panels pay $1 per referral. This is an international company so you can rest assured its' reputation answers "No" to, are paid online surveys scams?





Since 1999, Global Test Market is as its name implies, global in nature. This is great opportunity for those people who do not live in the USA, CAN, UK, and AUS. who would like to earn some extra income and not be concerned, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?

You earn points valued from $2 to $50 for your surveys completed and points even if you don't qualify for the survey. You cash out when your points equal 1,000 points or more. 1,000 points=$50. They also offer monthly sweepstakes and on occassion have daily sweepstakes. Many, many languages are available.





Cash Crate is another panel that permits people living outside the USA to join. You have several ways to participate; doing surveys and testing products. They do no require a credit card as some product programs. They do offer some products that require a credit card.

If you decide to try one of these, I recommend that you use a pre-paid card.. I suggest this for any site that request your credit card. This is to ensure your personal credit is not exposed should something happen. It is just a good practice. I suggest this so you will not have to worry and question, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?

After you have joined, click "Complete Offers" in member's area.
Click on "Cash Offers"
Next, Click on "100% Free" and sort by "Rating.

Review the offers and select those you wish to try. When you have finished, close the window. Your offer is now complete and you need to submit it for payment.

Go back to the offer page and click "Submit Button" beside the offer you just completed. Its' status will change to Pending until you are paid. Once you have some experience completing their offers, you will want to start sorting by "100% Free" and "Newest."

Cash Crate also has one of them most rewarding referral program with two tiers of referrals. You earn commission up to 30% on your first tier and up to 20% on your second tier. If you are going to refer friends and family to only one survey sige, this is the one!





Fusion Cash has been offering free online surveys since 2005. You earn cash on completed offers, such as, paid surveys, free product, credit card not required, pay-per-click, sweepstakes, and free services. The payout level is $25. You can be paid out with direct deposit, PayPal or Check.

Be sure and check out their Referral Program as it is very generous. Earn up to $8 for each referral. In addition, you earn a $2 bonus when your referral completes their first offer, a $1 bonus when a referral confirms their email, and a $5 bonus every time they cash out, remember, the cash out level is only $25. This makes Fusion Cash a great panel! No worry about this panel when it comes to your question, Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?

Project Payday is a panel that is relatively new and different. They use "Incentivized Freebie Websites", or IFW's as the means of earning cash. This site is highly recommended by others, however I recommend that you careful review this site before joining.

You are given a FREE guide for Project Payday which explains IFM's and how you use them. You start earning money quickly. The "Fast First Fifty" program says if you do not make $50 following the guide, you will be paid $100. From my research and reviews, they do pay!

However, their program seems to be very labor intensive and requires detailed follow-up and tracking.

As a result, I have seen where participants say their earnings per hour of work considering the amount of payout is very low.

Some participants and reviews say they pay.....but the payout is not worth it.

The primary concern and question... are paid online surveys scams would be NO for this panel... for me, this panel is not worth the effort you have to put in.

Nothing is easy...and it does take effort, persistence and dedication to be successful. You may feel this panel is worth it for you..... many others say it is.

When you get your first big payout or do your first Focus Group, then "are online surveys scams?" will no longer be a concern or question from you or your friends.

Soon they will be asking you, which surveys should I join? When you tell them and they join, you get paid again!

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