12 Ways You Can Earn or Make Online Money!

Are you looking to earn or make online money? Are you wondering if your passion, skills, interest, or hobbies could be put to good use and earn some extra cash online?

Take a look at these twelve ways in which you can make money online.

  1. Content Writing

    It is one of the best ways to earn extra money. You can visit online forums, freelancing websites, and classified websites to find writing gigs that pay well.

  2. Check out these sites where you can register and apply to write content.

    Elance is one of the most respected and popular sites. Click on "Looking for Work"

    oDesk is also a very popular place for Freelance Writers

    Guru rounds out the top 3 sites. Huge global reach.

    Go to Fiverr... Sign Up & Post To Do $5 Gigs

    Go to Goferr...Sign Up and Post To Do $25 Gigs

    The ability to earn or make online money depends on how you write content for any web site, business or blog. You will really be able to make or earn online money with great content.

    Here is a FREE Master Course that will have you writing content that satisfies your visitors looking for information and also the search engine spiders who crawl and rank your pages. Satisfy them BOTH.



</p><p>Masters Course

    I suggest you print the Course so you will have your own copy to mark and highlight as you read.

    To save paper, download the free trial version of "Fine Print." It loads as a printer, like your pdf printer does inside "File" "Print.".

    Download for free at www.fineprint.com and you can print at least 2, 4 or more course pages to one letter size page. Saves money, ink and some trees.

  3. Transcription

    If you have good listening comprehension skills and can type fast, you can transcribe audio files. You need a foot pedal and a good transcription software program to get started.

    Here is transcription company located outside Washington, DC that also has Work-From Home positions. Check them out!

  4. Selling Photos

    Selling stock photos is one of the simplest ways to earn or make online money.

    There are websites to which you can upload high quality, creative photos. You will be paid a commission every time someone downloads your photo.

    Do a search on Get Paid For Photos and check out the sites.

    List your photos on as many sites that sell stock photos as you can to increase your exposure.. Here are several sites to help you get started:

  5. Royalty Free Images

    istock Photo Shutterstock Photo Can Stock Photo

    123 rf Photo Big Stock Photo

  6. Selling Ebooks

    Digital products are always in demand. So, if you can put together a bunch of information that people would love to pay for, give a stunning headline and a title, and market it well, you can expect to make good money.

    Check out

    Payspree where you can list your Ebooks for sell and have others sell them for you. Unlike Clickbank and others, Payspree pays instantly. Set up an account for FREE and you too can earn or make online money!

  7. Online Surveys

    Market research companies conduct online surveys to get people’s feedback on various products and services. The participants are usually paid for their opinion. This is one of the easiest ways to earn or make online money.

    You should NEVER pay to take surveys. There are many questionable companies out there that want you to pay them for membership fees, activation fees, list fees, etc. DON'T DO IT!

    There are plenty of sites that pay you and are FREE Most companies also have prizes and sweepstakes that they offer each month or every other month.

    This is a great book that covers everything you need to know about Paid Surveys. The author's website is great resource in addition to the book.

    There is

    preliminary work that needs to be done before you sign up or join survey panels.

    Once you have completed your preliminary work, then review and join survey panels at either "My 10 Best Paid Survey Panels" or More Great Free Paid Survey Panels.

  8. Paid Emails

    There are websites that send you emails with links to various websites. You get paid for reading these emails. You need to open the email, click on the link, and visit the website in order to get paid.

    You will find that many of the Paid Survey Panels also offer pay for reading emails.

    Click on NAV links above for Paid Surveys and check them out.

    Check out The MoneyJoker website for a list of companies that pay for reading emails. You should not pay to read emails, just as you should not pay to do surveys.

    This really an easy way to earn or make online money. You already read emails don't you?

  9. Paid Reviews

    There are people who pay you for reviewing their products and services. You can set up a blog or website and start reviewing everything under the sun.

    If your website is popular and gets a lot of traffic, you can expect to make good money.

    Ekoh Group is company that has a complete review website package and system.

    It includes many review website styles and complete step-by-step instructions. It is a total package.

    It is also a great source of information, including what is needed to maintain a review website.

  10. Online Auctions

    You can sell your stuff on websites like eBay and Amazon and make money. You can sell pretty much anything you want – right from software programs to video games, clothes, paintings, books, and furniture.

  11. Translation

    If you know more than one language, you can offer your services as a translator to websites and independent clients. You can find many translation gigs on classified sites. Use your language skills to earn or make online money.

    LioNBRIDGE Company

    was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Waltham, MA. It has over 4,200 employes located in 50 offices in 26 countries. In addition, there is a network of over 85,000 independent multilingual workers including translators, interpreters, web raters and subject matter experts located in more than 100 countries.

    There are many opportunities at Lionbridge, including; careers directly with them, freelance positions, translator and translation agencies and Work-At-Home Opportunities.

    There are links on their website to their locations in the following countries: Belgium (Dutch and French), Canada (English and French), China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.

    This is the place where you can definitely use your language skills.

    If you need to have MS Word or Outlook Emails translated, this is a free translation site. There is also a free chat translation service. It will translate several well-known chat programs.

    Since both are free, pass them on to your friends, family or business associates who could use it.

  12. Web Designing

    If you have good web designing skills, you can make money by designing websites, blogs, and logos for companies.

  13. Ekoh Group is company that has a review website package. It includes a website and complete instruction. It is also a great source for information on what is needed for a review website.

  14. Website Flipping

    If you can spot a profitable niche and pick the right keywords, you can build a website, work on it to improve its rankings and traffic, and put it up for sale.

    Here is a Website Flipping course with 13 videos and a 47 page manual.

    It shows you step-by-step what to do and how to do it at an incredible low price. Another opportunity to earn or make online money.

  15. Affiliate Marketing

    This is one of the most profitable ways to earn or make online money. You can sign up for a program, promote the products, and get paid every time someone makes a purchase.

You have knowledge and information others do not have in specific areas and subjects.

You can earn or make online money by using the uniqueness that only you possess.

Perhaps what you really want is a JOB. If that is your situation, then check out Home Job Group.

They have over 1,500 companies who are looking for online workers. They have 3 database levels, and you have an 8 week refund period.

I have not been able to find any complaints on them. I would suggest having a great resume finished detailing your experience and skills.

Need a new or updated resume, find someone to do it for $5 at Fiverr. Start exploring and finding your possibilities today for earning or making money online tomorrow!

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