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financing a new business

Financing a new business or covering the cost of starting a new business will stop most people from pursuing their dream. There are many considerations and cost associated with starting or building a business as were covered on other pages here. However there is an alternative to the tradition way the SBA and others will advise you to start.

From 1988 to 1992, I was associated with a group from California, Bizar Financing, which conducted week-end seminars teaching financial leverage techniques> In the seminars, participants were taught how to start, buy, or build a business with little or no money of your own. Over 300,000 people have benefited from those techniques.

The weekend seminars were discontinued in the 1990's, but Gordon is now online, teaching the same leverage techniques.

I first attended the seminar, became a consultant and later National Director of Consultants.

Bizar Financing doesn’t describe the strategies or techniques used, but is the last name of the founder, Gordon Bizar. When I became a consultant and later, National Director, I worked directly with his dad, Bard Bizar, who has since passed away. He was great guy, very inspirational and motivating. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and Gordon.

financing a new business

I knew leverage techniques worked for financing a new business as my wife and I had used a leverage technique to start a telephone answering and secretarial service. We used other people’s money to start the business by collecting the first month’s fees in advance and bartering service for the first months rent.


After attending my seminar in Texas, I guided and helped a friend buy a cheese shop using some of the strategies and techniques taught in the seminar. My friend later became one of our consultants.

As a consultant, I had a team who worked with clients who had attended the seminar and contracted for guidance and one-on-one assistance. My team consisted of myself as leader, a CPA, an Attorney, and a Negotiator/Coach. financing a new business I am most proud of our success with a young lady, who was an experience nursing home manager. She wanted to buy her own nursing home business.

While prospecting for nursing homes, we discovered that an insurance company had financed two nursing homes and the owner had gone into default and was leaving the operation, therefore there would not be a licensed manager on-site and the homes would be closed.

We contacted the insurance company, saying we were interested in buying the homes, and suggested they contract with our client to manage the homes which would keep the nursing homes open while we began our Due Diligence. They agreed and contracted with her at a salary much higher than what she was then earning.

She did a fantastic job running the homes demonstrating to them her expertise in running the homes and returning excellent monthly profits for them. She was building excellent relationship with the insurance company during this time.

We decided the best strategy for financing a new business for her was to maneuver the insurance company into a position where they would finance the homes for her.

We were able to get them to agree to finance the two homes for her, without her spending any money of her own. Leverage worked!

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