Doing Paid Online Surveys Requires Preparation!

Follow Our Suggestions Below and You Will Be Ready to Join Surveys and Make Money

Before you join Paid Online Surveys Panels, first, you need to get organized and ready to handle the surveys as the panels send you invitations.

Being properly organized will make completing the surveys so much easier, simplier, and enable you to track them also.

Complete the suggestions below first, before joining any panels:

  1. Set Up Separate Email Account
  2. This will enable you to keep your surveys separate from your personal mail.

    Make a folder for each panel you join and file all your completed survey request and other emails in the folder for each panel.

    Make a sub-folder for paid surveys.After you have been paid for them, move them to the paid folder and keep for 3 months, then delete them.

  3. Set Up a PayPal Premier Account
  4. With a PayPal Premier Account , not only can your survey payments be deposited into this account, you can also be paid for referrals..

    You will earn income from anyone that you recommend who opens a PayPal Premier or Business Premier account, but not for a personal account. Also, be sure and get verified by entering your local bank information.

    Once your account is set up, then click on the bottom of the screens until you see the "Contact Us" page.

    Click on the Referral link at the bottom and then find the section that will give you your referral code. I don't understand why they have it so hard to find.

  5. Add 2-3 Panels Per Day Until You Reach Minimum 10-15 Sites,

    At the beginning, they are kinda testing complete the surveys before or no later than the time allowed.

    After you have joined 10-15 panels, work with those for couple of weeks to determine the amount of time you are spending doing your surveys

    When you feel comfortable, add another 2-3 until you are at the level you want to maintain.

    As you establish yourself, you will get more surveys offered and ones that pay you more.

    One final word of advice, NEVER do the same survey for two different panels. Decline to do the second one. They will discover you doing this and you could be banned at both surveys. What you would lose is much greater than your gain.

    Be Patient...Be Honest....Be Consistent...Make More Money!

  6. Keep Your Computer Cache Clean!
  7. It is important that you keep your computer cache clean and your temporary director clean of any possible files that could contaminate your surveys or the records with the survey panel

    You can achieve this with a great FREE program. Use it 2-3 times a week to clear your cache, history and temporary files. This will prevent your cache from cross contaminating surveys.

    I have used it this program for over 10 years to clean and keep my computer running smoothly.

    Once the program is installed, go into the options and applications area and unclick Cookies under applications.

Sites that offer phone surveys and Focus Group are especially good. You will earn higher payouts when you participate in Focus Groups ($75-$150) and Phone Surveys.

Look for panels that offer Focus Groups and Phone Surveys. It doesn't hurt to send support an email letting them know you would like to participate in Focus Groups and Phone Surveys.

Now You are Ready! Click on the links below and start your review and select your first 2-3 paid online survey panels to get started. ,p>After you have started, continue to add panels until you have at leaset 10-15 panels....more is better than less!

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