Start Affiliate Program from these 10 Great Programs

You can start affiliate program and use your website to promote other people’s products and businesses.Being an affiliate or associate is a now common form of e-commerce advertising that benefits both the advertiser and the merchant.

Simply put, a link or a graphic is provided on your website to a merchant where a purchase, a survey, a marketing research form or some other action is taken by the customer. At that point, you make a percentage of the sale or some type of discount is awarded to you.

With new affiliate programs popping up every month, where do you go? Obviously you want established, safe and the best income producing platforms out there to start up or expand. The best affiliate programs will help you create a revenue stream through product, service and support.

The largest online merchants naturally provide the largest drive in affiliate marketing. The big boys out there are Amazon, Clickbank, Google and Ebay.

There are also some other great places to start after you have set up your online presence and credibility. Using the best affiliate marketing programs takes much of the work out of locating products or services to endorse through your online site.

There are supports in place for their advertisers but it is always important to continually test your advertising strategies against your commissions for each company

Best Affiliate Marketing programs Overview:

  1. Amazon Associates: The largest online retailer offers up to 15% in completed referrals. Offers graphics, links and banners, widgets, customization, tracking and support. Individual commission payouts are smaller than most, but you can drive a TON of traffic to a site as trusted as Amazon. Many say it’s well worth the effort. If you don’t have your own website, you can set up an online astore as an Associate.
  2. Ebay: Ebay Partner Networks works by using Quality Click Pricing; paying for quality traffic through completed transactions. Traffic amount determines the amount of the click.
  3. Google: The Google affiliate program works through an Adsense account. They pay by cost per action, or CPA. Your website will undergo a review for relevant keywords and quality content, and Google will place targeted ads on your site. Payout depends on how many folks you are able to get to click on the ads.
  4. Clickbank: A huge seller of information products ranging from online marketing to health and fitness and beyond. Find a competitive online niche and Clickbank will pay up to 75% commissions.
  5. Commission Junction: CJ has a wide array of services to the advertiser and/or publisher. A huge network channel that ensures the quality of the products available, thereby lending more credibility to your own web presence. Many major retailers has Commission Junction manage their affiliate programs.
  6. Payspree: This program is different from the other digital product programs in that they pay instantly into PayPal. Most programs require that you have a $50 balance or more before they will make a payout. You can sell your own digital products, get commission as an affiliate when you promote others products and you can earn payout for referrals also.
  7. E-junkie: Sell both digital and tangible products. A great place to manage all your selling platforms; i.e. ebay, google, amazon, etc. and accepts all payments. Starts at $5.00 a month. Good tool. E-junkie is gaining some pretty huge popularity with the big names in internet sales.

  8. Max Bounty: This is program based in Canada much like Clickbank and is great alternative for Clinkbank, especially for those who are building their traffic. They have many of the same programs as Clickbank and have great customer service. They are growing and try harder.
  9. PayDotCom: Commission from 5%-80%. Another alternative to Clickbank and will pay out through paypal, not a usual, but very easy arrangement, much preferred by folks who don’t like dealing with paper checks.
  10. Good support, weekly payouts and at high rates. While is much like the other networks listed here, the weekly payout is very appealing to some, especially folks new to affiliate work.

    All affiliate marketing programs pay for a variety of results, including pay per performance, pay per click, pay for lead or pay per sale.

    Researching the best affiliate programs for your particular business is critical. To make money with affiliate programs requires this research.

    Check out Steven's website for great information and resources to make your research more productive. Commissions and usability are also important.

    Take time before launching what will be the best affiliate programs as only you will know what is best for your online business growth.

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