Website Ideas

10 Step to Build A Website

Implement These 10 Steps For Success!

Need website ideas? Anyone can have their own website or web business:

Website Ideas

  • Work-At-Home-Moms(Dads, too)

  • College Students

  • Retirees

  • Unemployed/Under Employed

  • Hobbyist/Crafters

  • Below are the 10 Steps you need to complete if you are going to have your own website or business.

    Step One: Determine & Gather Website/Niche Ideas

    The kind of website you need to build depends on what you need the website to do. Gather your website ideas and good business ideas and combine them together.

    Find a Niche that focuses on something your are passionate about; such as a hobby, craft or area of interest. If you have a burning passion on a specific topic or subject, your website will not seem like work. Identifying that Niche is your most important first step.

    Maybe you specifically have work from home business ideas. If that’s the case, you should know what kind of website will cater best to your work from home business ideas.

    You should start with 3 niche ideas. Do research to determine the best need and demand for those 3 niche ideas. Do keyword research to determine the best niche for you.

    If you skip this step, you will get stuck at step two or shortly thereafter.

    Step Two: Domain Name

    The domain name identifies your website online. It will not only be used as the company’s email address, if will also be the URL address people use to find your website when they search. It should contain your primary keyword so search engines will be able to find it much easier and quickly.

    If your domain name is short, memorable and descriptive, people are more likely to remember it. You should try to get a domain name with .com if possible. This is becoming harder and harder to do since most .com names have been taken or reserved.

    Check out this popular domain registrar:


    Step Three: Hosting

    For hosting your website there are two options. You can either host your own website or work with a web hosting service. Hosting is what allows your customers to see your website ideas so wherever your website gets hosted needs to be reliable.

    Hosting a website on your own can be expensive and problematic. Especially if you aren’t highly educated with loads of technical knowledge, a web hosting service may be the best option to get you started with your work from home business ideas.

    Most of the domain companies, also provide hosting services. Having one company provide both can be problematic if you ever want to change hosting services.

    The above domain registrars have hosting programs also, but the hosting service below also offers FREE Hosting Service. Check out how to get a FREE Domain Name from them. As your site grows you would then move from the free service to one of the Premium programs

    Byethost-Free Hosting

    Step Four: Website Design

    To put your website ideas and good business ideas into motion, you’ll need to decide on who will design your website. You can come up with the look, images and programming code yourself, or hire a website designer for help.

    There are many FREEdesign programs and template sites.

    In many instances, remember the old adage: "It is worth what you pay for it." The one exception to this rule is Wordpress It is definitely free and also has many free plugins available to enhance what you can do within Wordpress.

    The other FREE program to consider is Facebook. It is not being used for personal social contact, but you can also set up Facebook Fan pages for businesses, charities, bands, hobbies and corporations.

    Do a Google or YouTube search for free tutorials on both of them. You will be amazed at what is available.

    Step Five: SEO

    Optimizing your website for search engines is an important step in building your website and getting those work from home business ideas off the ground.

    Using keywords makes your website more search engine friendly, and easier for customers to find you. The keywords you use should be based on your niche.

    Step Six: Testing and Going Live

    After you’ve built up your website, it’s time to test it in every way imaginable. The last thing customers want when browsing your website is links that don’t work or pages that look sloppy. Make it look like a business, not an amateur blog website. After rigorous testing, you can go live! But there’s more.

    Step Seven: Promotion

    Based on the kind of budget you’ve put aside for your work from home business ideas or website ideas, it’s time to promote a little. Put your URL on everything. Register your website with the big search engines, like Google. Register with Web directories when appropriate. And if you have any other businesses or business associations, list your URL on associated websites.

    Step Eight: Analyzing Traffic

    If you keep track of who visits your site, when, why, etc. it will be easier to make necessary changes to your website ideas as well as your work from home business ideas.

    Step Nine: Get Feedback

    Find out what your customers think! Their feedback can create some good business ideas for you to utilize in the future.

    Step Ten: Update

    In order to maintain a successfully built website, you’ll need to keep updating your website ideas on a regular basis. You will keep your customers interested and maintain a professional appearance.

    If you invest your time and money wisely, your website ideas could easily be one of the critical work from home business ideas you’ve had.

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